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The Musicmeeting

The international musicfestival

Our 8th international music-festival, a spectacle greater than anything before in our region, will take place from september 12th to september 14th 2014. Several attractions for children and adults, a lot of opportunities to celebrate and to dance and many musical highlights will be offered. All in all it is going to be a colourfull and delightning event for people of all ages.

The main purpose of our music-festival is to support communication and understanding among different musicians, their bands and their countries. Devided into categories ( Orchestra, Brass-band … ) all music-groups will perform in order to obtain the flavour of the audience.

There will not be any jury; the “audience’ darling” will be elected. We do not want to connect this meeting with any kind of competition, just the fun in music is important. We mainly want to support friendships and good contacts between the bands and the musicians. The great atmosphere in the 5000-people-tent belongs to it in the same way as your musical performance does.

Beside the opening event, the great evening event and the gathering in the stadium for the handing-over of the trophies there will be several smaller events and performance opportunities.

During the great evening event each band will perform a little concert. The length of this depends on the number of the participating bands. This evening the decisions on the “audience’ darlings” will also be made. Brass bands who apply for this award in the category “marching show” will have their opportunity prior to the evening event during the stadium presentation.

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