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Darling of the Audience

The appointment of one participating music group to Audience’ darling with the obligatory presentation of the trophy is undoubtedly the highlight of every music festival in Grimma.

Why audience’ darling?

The artist’s bread is knowingly the applause of the audience. In order not to give the responsibility to a professional jury judging line-up, pointed quarter notes or homogeneous shoos, we decided to leave it to the audience to choose the best of the bands. The audience, other than such a jury, can be bribed with catchy music and a great show, but the musical quality is even with the audience a criteria which should never be underestimated.

To ensure to pick “the” audience darling, which are elected in several categories the audience has to fill in a ballot marking the best group. So we can avoid a difficult decision by applause.

The darling of the audience is appointed in 6 different categories, e.g. brass band, folk band or marching band.

Those with the majority of the votes in their category become audience’ darling – return home with the trophy.

Important for us is just the fact to have a good time with good music, it is easier to party the casual way …

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